Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practised everyday. Many people seem to forget that they do have a choice in how they want to live their life and succeed. Instead of winning in failure, grubbing and murmuring, Start to eliminate the things that you hate to do or the people you don’t... Continue Reading →



It is not a fallacy that anger is a smaller and very dangerous madness. It can destroy great things in a twinkling of an eye. Nothing kills a man faster than hot temper. The more hot your temper becomes, the more susceptible you are to high blood pressure and the more likely you are to... Continue Reading →

How to Stop Worrying: 9 Simple Habits.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” Leo Buscaglia “Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” Swedish Proverb. Worry. It starts with a nagging thought. That creates another few thoughts. And before you know it there is a storm brewing in your mind, making you think... Continue Reading →

Motivation for Smart People.

Do you ever feel there’s a greater being inside of you just bursting to get out? You can feel its presence sometimes, can’t you? It’s the voice that encourages you to really make something of your life. When you act congruently with that voice, it’s like you’re a whole new person. You feel like a... Continue Reading →

Changing Habits

Long-Term Habit Changes.  Changing a habit isn’t that difficult, it’s making that change last where things get tricky. Many people have started diets and held them up for a few months only to break their commitment and have to start from scratch. Building enthusiasm for a new goal or project can get you a... Continue Reading →

Secret of getting started.

‘The secret of getting ahead is getting started.’ – Mark Twain. Want to succeed, but do not feel enough inspiration to start acting? Motivation is the engine of progress. A man, who is able to motivate himself, can move mountains. When you know for sure what you want, and set a goal, you will most... Continue Reading →

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